Sunday, 24 August 2008


I had a pack of 3 canvas' and didn't know what to do with them. While at the craft fayre I saw several bits and pieces of fabric, silk tubes and some molded shapes.

I created a 3 canvas picture with them. First I stapled the background fabric to the base and then cut and frayed the next layer then stapled that on top of the base fabric.

I used the silk rolls, various threads and textures to create as sea bed scene and added some small shells I found. I used a bit of liquid pearls to highlight different elements on the base fabric
Below are the 3 different canvas's in close up, the main picture isn't too good

Thanks for looking

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Not so long this time

Recently I did a 10 day craft show which was great fun. I would have made a decent profit if there hadn't been so many talented crafters there who 'forced' me to spend my money!!!

Anyway, while there I knitted myself a short jacket with hand spun and hand dyed wool. I am rather proud of myself as I haven't knitted since the kids were little.

I also did these two pictures in box frames and embellished them. The top one is a dreamcatcher embellished with feathers and beads and the bottom one is a 'flapper' who has been coated in glossy accents and faux gems.